The site was born in the early months of 2004 thanks to the idea of two rodent lovers. The constant work and the desire to spread on the Internet important precautions and information on proper ways to breed and take care of hamsters and small rodents is what caused to become within no time the go to site for information available to kids, adults, and families.

The amateur site soon turned into a site full with professional collaborators from all over, and soon was reported as first place in all search engines. This is only because of the direct experience of those who carefully breed hamsters and rodents gave true tips and the right answers to the most common questions relating to these small animals.

Since 2006, has created an online Petshop, which is a real shop with headquarters and two large warehouses in Slovenia and a Call Center in Trieste, Rome, and Milan of Italy. Ziprar started to work right away with the largest and most important manufacturers of cages and accessories for rodents like: Ferplast, Fop, Imac, Marchioro, Mps Italy, Feberplast Pet Inn, Savic, Habitrail, Wind, 2GR, Zolux and also manufacturers of super premium foods such as Oxbow, Bunny, Zupreem, Jr Farm, Pincky, Versele Laga, Vitakraft, and many others.

Thanks to its success over the years, the seriousness and commitment with which Ziprar has always been known, has created partnerships with the most important associations for the protection of exotic animals such as AAE (Exotic Animal Association), AIC (Italian Hamster Association) and AICDP (Italian Prairie Dog Association). will continue to provide excellent service and products from our new home base in Reno, Nevada.





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