Cooperative Partners

In return for promoting our name, let us promote yours! Our european branch is affiliated with large organizations such as AAE (exotic animal assotiation), AIC (italian hamster association) and AICDP (italian prairie dog association).

We would love to partner with organizations around the nation to help us provide quality items for pets in need. In some cases in the past, we have provided customers of participating affiliates with discounts in our petshop and also have set up a system where our customers can donate items to the organization to use for the animals they house.

If you are interested in working with us, please click the image below and send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!



House Rabbit Society -

House Rabbit Society is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization with two primary goals:

  • To rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent homes for them and
  • To educate the public and assist humane societies, through publications on rabbit care, phone consultation, and classes upon request.

They operate an adoption and education center out of their International Headquarters in Richmond, California




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