Nature's Miracle Quick Resulting Training Pads 80ct

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Nature's Miracle Quick Resulting Training Pads 80ct

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Prevents odors from spreading through your home.

NATURE’S MIRACLE™ Quick Results Training Pads offer you superior training features and help to prevent odors from spreading throughout your home.  Our multi-layer training pads with super-absorbent polymers soak up and lock in wetness on contact—providing you with peace of mind for difficult-to-train puppies, long absences, trips, and rainy days. Nature’s Miracle Quick Results Training pads are specially treated with On-Spot attractant scents that encourage your dog to use the pad as well as a “fresh grass scent” that helps train him to associate with eliminating outside. Likewise, our pads feature Nature’s Miracle Odor Control System with Ammonia Guard™ that works to eliminate tough odors and prevents them from spreading through the home. As you continue to encourage your dog or puppy to use the pads rather than other areas of the house, accidents on carpets and other hard-to-clean areas become less frequent and moving on to outdoor training becomes easier. Quick results training pads are especially ideal for puppies in training and small dogs.



  • Unfold pad and place on floor with white side up and green, plastic side down.
  • Make sure pad is placed away from the pet’s bedding and food and is easily accessible to the pet.
  • Place pet on the pad so that they can smell the grass scent.
  • When pet “goes” on pad, be sure to reward them for correct behavior.
  • If the pet has any accidents away from the pad, return them to the pad to discourage this kind of behavior.
  • Once pet is trained to wet on the pad indoors, gradually begin moving the pad towards the door and eventually outside to teach them to go outdoors.


Capacity: 80 pads

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Nature's Miracle Quick Resulting Training Pads 80ct